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Highland Calf Walking Roll over image to zoom in

Highland Calf Walking

Code: LD225
Brand: Border Fine Arts Classic
Minimum Qty: 1
Availability: In Stock
Dimensions: L: 4cm
W: 12cm
H: 9cm

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This Stunning Bronzed Highland Calf Is Handmade In Scotland. The Bronzing Effect Is Achieved By Coating The Casting First In A Black Etching, Then Dusting The Surface With A Bronze Powder Suspended In A Clear Xylene Enamel. Once Dry Certain Areas Are Highlighted Further With The Bronze Powder Until The Item Matches The Standard We Have Set.

After 42 years Border Fine Arts have ceased production of there Classic Limited Edition range. From the 2nd of December 2016 there are no more Limited Editions manufactured in Langholm. The only way to obtain a wonderful limited edition beautifully produced in the UK by Border Fine Arts is through the "Secondary" (Second-hand) Market. Since the news of the closure demand has been incredibly high all pieces made in the UK. Order yours today.